Life coaching provides you with the tools to take your ordinary life and make it extraordinary.  I work with men and women who are ready to live their best possible life. 

Coaching examines your level of happiness in all areas of your life.  If you are ready to explore what brings you joy, then I am ready to take that journey with you! 

Individual Coaching

I work one-on-one with clients either over the telephone or through e-mail (“e-coaching”). 

Telephone coaching sessions last one hour, and can be purchased individually, or as part of a package, which is offered at a reduced cost.

E-Coaching is offered on a monthly basis, and it includes UNLIMITED emails.  My clients are permitted to email me every day for an entire month and I will respond to each email.  The type of work I do with my e-coaching clients is the same as telephone coaching, but it is often more inclusive since you are allowed to email me as often as you choose. Call or email me for pricing.

Coaching Programs

Finding Your Own North Star, based on the book by Bestselling author, Martha Beck.

This six week program was created for anyone who is yearning to either make changes in their lives, or who is ready to become unstuck and discover their essential self’s true path in life.  Although this program is offered on an individual coaching basis, offered to both telephone and e-coaching clients, it can also be offered as a one-day workshop for groups of six or more.

  • Week One:  Understanding the “Change Cycle” and identifying where you are in your life.
  • Week Two:  Understanding and learning how to listen to your internal body compass.
  • Week Three:  Investigating and dissolving your current belief systems using Byron Katie’s direct method of “the work”.
  • Week Four:  Dreaming and Scheming – learn how to write out your endgame.
  • Week Five:  Developing your turtle steps to success.
  • Week Six:  Taking action on your turtle steps to live your right life! 

The concepts and tools used in this program were either developed or influenced by “Finding Your Own North Star, claiming the life you were meant to live” by Bestselling author and acclaimed life coach, Martha Beck of Martha Beck, Inc.

To learn more about Byron Katie and “the work” you can visit her website at

Contact me to learn more about tailoring a specific program to meet your needs.  I offer one free 30 minute introductory coaching session, or one day of free e-coaching.


When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.  – Eckhart Tolle